Just One Look from Outnet

We're at week four of the Outnet campaign, this week we're putting together one key look. A designer ensemble inspired by a SEE by Chloe knee length checked winter I picked up for.. get this ..£80. Starting with a pant suit and yes its cream ! (we're thinking ahead to warmer summer months) Its an iconic Yves Saint Laurent silhouette, the Huckaback wool-blend jacket and pant suit low on detail, because the detail is in the cut! by the way Huckaback is another word for a coarse cotton / linen fabric. Its original ticket price was well out the reach of many of us bloggers, it would have set you back £1,225 but is on the site for £368!! (doesn't it makes you wonder?!).. the matching taper leg pant is also on sale at £195 reduced from £650. If you can get these two pieces together they're worth investing in.

My natural inclination would be to separate these two lovelies dress them right down and funk them up. However in the opposite direction, dressing the suit right up it would work just as well throwing in a Fendi python tote maybe not the biggest of bargains but if your in the market for a over sized designer shopper £1,285 may not be much of a stretch! And to finish of the look a pair of Givenchy leather sandals down from £755 to £376. Happy shopping ladies.. or gents!

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