Tones of Indigo

We're caught up in the flurry of activity that accompanies London Fashion Week, thought it would nice to take a moment and catch up with the lovely Nora Nona, make-up artist to the fabulous and famous. We haven't heard from her in a while because she's been dipping her fingers in new pie's in different time zones. Here's it is ..'according to Nora'.. (doesn't that sound like the title of a regular column).

"My friend Charlie called to ask if I was interested in shooting some editorial for TheOnes2Watch New Wave, an online magazine showcasing the soldiers behind the lens. Up and coming photographers, stylists, hair/makeup artists, casting directors, designers, illustrators and more. “Who’s the photographer?” “Dimitris Theocharis, you'll love him I’ll email you ref's”. And with that the shoot was on. Sometimes I feel a bit like a time traveller jumping from one time zone to another. I was in Italy at the time working on Mr Hudson's new video with Kanye West. I flew back to London the next day to shot with Charlie. And arrive at Dimitris' studio, in the very fashionable Spitalfileds. Charlies had'nt arrived yet so I gave to get acqainted woth Dimitris, have a chat about the lighting and paly around with some idea for the shoot.

He tells me he's going to project an indigo blue light onto the model. Come look at the monitor, he's excited.. It’s all about this tone of blue” .. you know me I'm cool.. “that works for me very Dior”, I said I've been working the cool colours in the spectrum. So I knew full well that the silver from the Dior winter pallet would be the perfect complement to Dimitris lighting. As you can the team did our thing.. and finished off my looks by airbrushing a very fine spray of silver over the whole of the models face, creating a slick, cool liquid effect onto the skin. It was very good I loved the final finish and thoroughly enjoyed working with you Charlie, its always a pleasure and Dimitris thank-you for trusting me!

Photography by Dimitris Theocharis
Fashion Editor Charles Adesanya
Hair & Makeup by Norah Nona using DIOR
Stylist’s Assistant Jade Fung
Photographer’s Assistant Sohrab Vahdat Post Production by Lynol Lui
Models Olivka (Premier) & Callum Wilson (Select)
& Lynol for his outstanding contribution

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