A Bathing Ape + Krell 4 Haiti

While my attentions been diverted by way of carrier pigeon I only just got news of the BAPE + Krell Haiti t-shirt apologies we're late sorry! but its for a very worthy cause so its definitely worth a plug. At the beginning of the month BAPE and Gene Krell International Fashion Director of GQ Japan / Vogue Japan released a charity t-shirt to help support the people of Haiti affected by the recent earth quake. Proceeds (we're not sure on exactly how much, but the website says a portion of sales) are being donated to Save The Children. The t-shirt features an image of Haiti and a sun on the front, and the words "The sun will shine again on the people of Haiti. One Love" on the back.

There's a pre sale price tag of £60 on this exclusive item, pre order in-store at BAPE STORE® LONDON until Tuesday March 30th 2010, on-line click here pre sale closes tomorrow March 29th at 12pm!! Orders delivered in May / June 2010.

image source Nigo

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