Les Trompe-L'Oeil De Chanel

Once upon a Paris Fashion Week story the Chanel barn was full of models, VIPs and the forthcoming A/W 2010 collection. Its since been re-purposed and installed on the ground floor of Selfridges, Oxford Street London. Still in harmony with the ethereal catwalk show, the barn has been converted into the temporary home of Chanels temporary skin art studio. I was invited to the launch last week, I had a nose around and tried out Les Trompe-L'oeil de Chanel's faux tattoo.
I've always really wanted to have a tattoo thankfully the big decision wasn't pain or no pain, these fauxtattoo's look really authentic, 55 black and shades of grey pieces to pick from so Irolled up my sleeve and hoped of reasonable tattie taster experience.I had the chain interlaced with leather and the Chanel charm emblem applied to my wrist. After the first shine settles, the transfer dulls down to a matt finish into a realistic decorative tattoo effect which looks more and more authentic as it fads.
I was feeling a bit juvenile, so to test just how real the effect was, I sent picture messages saying 'look what I got?! I exaggerate not when I say it worked, fantastically well, almost everyone was fooled. So to buy or not to buy?? the tattoo's came in a pack 4 sheets, 55 designs for £49, however, once the weather warms and the exfoliation regime is under way this is a nice treat to oneself. Yes, but isn't it Mothers day soon, would she have a go I wonder? Trying to imagine blossom and a swallow on my mum maybe?

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