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The last six months have been unbelievably hectic to say the least. Between juggling course work deadlines, Love4Haiti and the normal beautiful chaos of every day life (work, sisters and novel writing), I can truthfully say I have been pretty much running on empty! How lucky was I then to be offered a moment to switch off the noise of my own chaos so that I could be cocooned in the warmness that is the Luna Estelle experience.
Natasha Miller, the brains ( and the beauty) behind Luna Estelle .

Luna Estelle is THE penultimate beauty experience tailored to the specific needs of you, the customer. In the words of the founder Natasha Miller (no relation!) Luna Estelle is a 'bespoke beauty and well being service delivered to you in the comfort of your home'. Natasha has created a fascinating moon cycle concept. Treatments christened after moon phases, are lovingly hand crafted by the most wonderful therapists.

My initial consultation took place on a rather dreary Saturday afternoon but what made it oh-so-delightful was the fact that it was hand delivered by the founder. Natasha actually came to my home. That's right, to MY home which meant that I didn't have to step out into the bleakness of a dreary Winter- trying -to- be -Spring -day. She arrived promptly and immediately put my trepidations to rest (would it feel intrusive ?? would I have to cook a four course meal to entertain her??). Simply put, No. Natasha dimmed the lights, lit some Luna Estelle candles and magically transformed my lounge into a beautiful, calm, chilled out space. An hour and a half later ( I had a lot to say) I was prescribed the Crescent Moon Energy Source Pushya Homeopathy experience ( a mouthful, I know). The extra long winter months had left my skin looking and feeling a little lackluster and a I was feeling a bit 'grey' too. I needed to get my glow back! Natasha guaranteed me that this was just what I needed to help me out of my recent energy slump. To be honest I was excited but still a little wary, could this Moon treatment really help me re-gain my 'oomph' inside and out ? I wasn't sure, but Natasha was confident that this was EXACTLY what I needed . Admittedly I was also wooed by the gorgeous aroma from the lovely candle that comes as a gift with the free consultation . Needless to say ,I signed up for the next stage!

The next day Natasha called to confirm my appointment with Caroline Lasko a Homeopath and Quantum Practitioner. Two days later, off I went for the second stage. I should point out that if I were a 'real' customer this treatment would also be in the comfort of my own home as this is what Luna Estelle is all about ...bringing the experience to you. However, for the sake of this article and my eagerness to share my experience with you it was easier for me to go to Caroline.

So there I was, wired up to the Quantum Energy Reader looking like the Bride of Frankenstein. However, I truly didn't mind not looking totally fabulous for the hour in which Caroline asked questions, checked my energy levels on the machine, matched them to my responses and then diagnosed me. I was astounded at her findings, they made so much sense!

I left with remedies prescribed for my needs and instructions on how to take them. Some had to be specially prepared so Caroline promised to send those out to me the very next day as she was eager for me to begin my journey of renewal. Just one day later I received my care package filled with my Homeopathic remedies and a lovely note that made me feel very special indeed. In fact, I already felt that I truly was on the path to feeling and looking like myself again .. evidently my experience with Luna Estelle had already affected me in a very positive way.

Three weeks later and friends , colleagues and acquaintances are commenting on how 'radiant' and 'glowing' my skin looks . Funnily enough , that's exactly how I feel on the inside.

L.O.V.E. Chantal

P.S.. Homeopathy simply put is a system of medicine which believes that 'like cures like' . So, if for instance a patient complained of insomnia then a qualified Homeopath would prescribe 'Coffea' , a remedy made from coffee. It sounds crazy , I know... but Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and in 2000 , the House of Lords’ Select Committee on Science & Technology cited homeopathy as one of the five Group One therapies, having “an individual diagnostic approach” along with osteopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine and acupuncture. It is a very holistic method of curing what ails you so if you do choose to try Homeopathy then please do ensure that your Homeopath is professionally trained, insured and accredited! www.homeopathy-soh-org is a great resource on all that is Homeopathic.

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