Saigon Statik Selektah Live

As you know we keep our Style Canteen ears close to the ground, we've been watching the People Under Pressure Music mixtape show.. its the home of high grade hip hop on Sunday 10-12 midnight. The show is good! you guys should check it out. We love it, so when I heard that P U P were heading down to Saigon & Statik Selektah Live last night at Madam Jo Jo's. We got in touch and they agreed to be our hip hop correspondent for the night and write us a post.. Thanks P U P..

A cold Thursday evening on Brewer street Soho not where you'd expect to find two of hip hops underground legends. None the less a sizeable queue formed outside Madam Jo Jo's a club sandwiched between the Escape Club and Soho DVD’s. With guys trying to sell their debut CD, the queue spilled across the street. Inside old school hip hop rocked the venue as the crowd swelled DJ/ Producer Statik Selektah took to the small stage and got the expectant crowd ready for Saigon. With classic after classic bangin, nearly poppin, through the speakers enter stage to the left .. man of the hour Saigon sportin shades a fitted cap and a new tattoo on his neck.

He later revealed, during an emotional and at times very personal performance, that the new tattoo was dedicated to the memory of his moms. Saigon proceeded to tear through his catalogue, from his now infamous YardFather mixtape to his more recent Pain In My Life and collabs with Statik Selektak, he even tooks requests from the knowledgeable crowd. 'Not bad for a guy without an album’ he said and wait till 'Greatest Story Never Told' comes out, no doubt .. in the end the kid in queue trying to sell me his CD said it best.. its about the lyrics that's why we came to see this geezer (Saigon) and he and the strong turn out were not disappointed .. as for PUP ? when can we get our next prescription Doc?..

Words and Images : 'P U P' People Under Pressure Music


Anonymous said...

this a different kind of post for style canteen, its ok though. nice to different content.

Anonymous said...

Nice review.... Will have to check for People Under Pressure Music. Props to Stylecanteen for keeping me in the Know. Redline 1.

Anonymous said...

Hi Love,
Nice chatting with you on Sunday Nights People Under Pressure radio show.... Great show, and nice conversation excellant review above. These guys play beautiful music


style canteen said...

Hi Crazyboutmusic nice chatting to you to. If you still need help with spa email me! see you Sunday @ PUP