Jeff Mermelstein

The People at Pocko dream up interesting projects with interesting people, the talented, creative sort of people that we like. I first came across Pocko by way of the fashion illustrator Fernanda Cohen and Pockoville the virtual ideas community from the Pocko group. They have a newsletter called Pocko Lights, its laid out very simply, is easy to read with great visuals.

This is how I came across award wining photojournalist Jeff Mermelstein, his work caught my eye so I dropped by the website of New York + London based photographic agency Bill Charles Represents and now I'm a fan! I love his voyeuristic instinct and great timing, his street photography throws up interesting themes like running and hair twirling. Nora Batty baggy tights, headless people wearing Clark shoes and Cadbury bunnies wearing back packs. Quirky, random and very engaging approach to visual communication ! Read about him In an Interview With Jeff Mermelstein on the Pocko blog.

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