Method Man Matter London

Wu tang are true hip-hop legends ever since releasing their first single Protect Your Neck themselves, something that is not uncommon now but in 1993 was considered to be groundbreaking. Method Man's voice, flow and charisma instantly made him one of the stand members of Wu Tang Clan. Five solo albums, two with Red Man, movies and most recently a starring role in the critically acclaimed tv drama The Wire, it was without question that we headed down to our favourite venue Matter to see him play his London date.

Despite it being mid week and early evening, Matter was heaving by the time European support Palestine aka Ledr P took to the stage. Unfortunately Cilvaringz left the tour due to a family emergency Palestine explained. Ledr got the crowd hype for Meth performing tracks from his Listen To My Story LP and ended his set acapella further lifting the capacity crowd. DJ Mathematiks introduces Method man who was welcomed by a sea of arms as he bound on stage. Sporting a purple varsity jacket matching fitted cap which he only keeps on for one track before passing them and his jewellery over to hype man Co-D Streetlife.

“M-E-T-H-O-D” Man the crowd goes absolutely nuts, Meth launches himself into the crowd, the first of many stage dives. Experience counts as Meth and Streetlife show how it should be done. At one point switching roles for Street Life to get his shine on with some of his solo material. With Wu and Meths own solo catalogue the pace was relentless “Wu Tang Clan Aint Nutin To” saw LedrP return to the stage as Meth called for tribute to Wu’s ODB “Oh Baby I Like it Raw” I kid you not ALL of crowd sang ALL of it word for word and ended chanting W-U TANG! .. W-U TANG! Before moving into his most recent material from Blackout 2. Method Man said “ODB would have loved that”.

“Let me see that fitted” (cap) says Meth, to some one in the crowd, “I’ll give it back”.. “what size is it?” he asks as he puts it on. Meth went straight into “Judgement Day” and gave the now legendary Matter sound system a work out. We never found out if the guy got his fitted back! And despite voicing his dissatisfaction with his tour promoter and social networking Method Man ended the show standing on the sea of arms that greeted him. Why surf when you can walk!

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