Rapunzel's Cocoon

Always something going on Beak Street on the way from Converse press event (which by the way was done in true Converse style, love their installations. Images embargoed until summer so check back later for news) You can not miss this Rapunzel's ginger mane hanging from  the second floor of the Riflemakers window. Artist Alice Anderson has woven her Rapunzael web inside and out the Riflemakers. Time Reversal is her latest exhibition literally thousands of metres of hair as part of an installation, including film, sculptures and photographs, based on fictional childhood memories. Peeked in the window and its a strange sight like a humungousaurus ginger spider has cocooned the space. Had boy boy with and he refused to enter the building so we stood outside and watched passing tourists scratching their heads in bewilderment.. 


Riflemaker 79 Beak Street, Soho, London W1 
open until 24 April 2010

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