Urban Jungle vs Metropolis Ridiculous

Prompted by lunch at Cube PR press day.. (if you time it right they usually have generous sized portions of edibles on the go) I went along expecting to see Fred Butler's new collection, but she has she's on a design gap year so her space was vacant, she was missed!.. These are pictures were taken last month, a little before press day.. excuse the low res images. The awful camera on my G2 Android is like going back in mobile camera technology dark ages.

Fred's Wonder Room installation window at Selfridges have been crafted from home cleaning utensils you can find on any stall in markets in London, plastic slinkys, balls and other stuffs! The idea behind it is quite clever, it rips plastic scourers, washing up brushes and other cheap and cheerful Made in China 'things' into a 'kaleidoscope of animals in a colourful nomadic, kleptomaniac existence'. We loved the extra dose of cheer it brings to Oxford Street..

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