Y-3 A/W 10 -11

Passing through Covent Garden garden this morning, a whole day late for Y-3 press day I took a cheeky chance and popped into say hello and see if I could get a look at the A/W 10-11 collection. Luckily Pam sorted it out ! Y-3 is on the run from doom gloom and not to mention volcanic ash!  how Y-3's vision of A/W 10 blends humour.. the wool 3/4 pants have a hidden pockets in a bib on the seat! Comfort, the chunky knits are amazing! wonder if i can fit into a size small hmm..? And the detail and colour are right on trend you guys.. and I mean the guys! are in for a real treat next season. Hopefully the autumnal weather is a way of so in the meantime, here are a few highlights mostly footwear because I was rather taken with the selection.

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