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When there's a bargain to be had, you can usually find me at the head of the queue, a regular on eBay.co.uk, I've made enough purchases to set up my own e-shop. Hence my RSVP to the invitation to join Glam Media UK at the launch of the eBay Fashion Outlet. I may not be high street brands biggest supporter but when presented with the opportunity to makes savings of up 70% off a ticket price, I'm can very quickly work that snubbery out. 

If you're also an eBayer then you are probably have developed some skills shopping at the mecca for bargain hunters. Bargain hunting, by it's very nature is a bit of a risky scrummage in which you often  don't pay too much attention to your e-surroundings because the goal is specific and targeted .. acquisition! However as more and more brands are accepting of the adage actually the customer is usually right and if not they may have a very good point. Take notice, look after them and they may just champion you for a healthy part of their shopping life. 
how to work a working wardrobe from past season stock
.. looks styled by Zoe Lem

Destinations like The Outnet outlet have proved that to be true. When they have a sale, its the on-line version of THE scrummage in a cardboard box. I'm still yet to get even get past logging in into the website when the race gets started. So sites like theOutnet have raised the bargain bar, yes we love to shop for bargains, especially fashion! but we do expect to do that in comfortable engaging and pretty surroundings. 

eBay have also taken a leaf out of the pretty book.  Go to the website next week (or zoom in on the sneak previews below!) and see the dedicated fashion outlet that looks and feels .. 'fashion'. They're working with brands like AdidasConverseFred Perry, Office and Vans providing the first look of the sellers outlet before you click through to the dedicated shopping space. They're also launching with catwalk video (which I think was supposed to be sent to me but I'm sure never arrived?) styled by Trinny & Susannah's secret stylist Zoe Lem

Had a chat with Zoe (heavily expectant mummy to number 2 child) about creating looks for the project and how to 'work' a work wardrobe, browsed the website on an iPad!! love it!, had an express manicure and ate strawberry cupcakes! Not bad for a morning of pretty strenuous ;-) blogging!  Indeed the whole package is a much needed style tidy up for eBay, but as they say the jury's out and the proofs in the pudding, let's see how shoppers take to it.

snuck in a couple of sneak preview pictures while no one was looking..

Marian Kihogo wearing couture F+F 

Charlotte Smith and Ozzy Shah ..pinkies prettied

we're had a silly 'too many cupcakes' moment! 
Chaza and I take pictures 
of each other taking pictures!

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