The One Where La Roux Loves Jayne Pierson

La Roux's Elly Jackson wearing Jayne Pierson 

When Elly Jackson feels moved there is no mistaking her opinion, an endearing quality which has its good and not so good points. She has ruffled a few feathers sharing her dislike of certain urban artists, who she says in comparison with music icons of the past, lack intergrity and artistic substance. Elly would have no problem with me expressing that personally, i'm not crazy for her voice. Stylistically though, I admire her confident part experimental, part theatre, androgy-couture style statements. I've watched her in interview, her look can be a little over crowded at times, on stage the fiery red La Roux is in control, she owns those looks Nova Dando pulls for her.

These pictures of Elly wearing Jayne Pierson were taken by Jayne's hubbie, they say when Elly loves you .. she loves you. Off the back of Pierson showing at London Fashion Week in February La Roux commissioned the Brit designer known for her leather work to make these rather fetching cropped, military box jackets for the start of her Gold Tour. I'm in lust with the grey nappa leather and the gold buttons.  I have a pair of grey shoe-boot that would make a triffic companion. Pierson had six weeks to turn it around, and a round of applause to her she pulled it off, La Roux loves the jackets and wouldnt mind working with Jayne again in the future, we'll be on the look out for future collaborations.

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