New Gen submissions next week..

Its that time of year again British Fashion Council NEWGEN submissions, the BFC's scheme supporting emerging UK designer talent. This information was originally posted in 2008, and still has some very valid points to consider, submissions are next week, I hope this helps a little!

Receiving New Gen show sponsorship is a big deal.. lucky designers are usually awarded between £5,000 - £10,000 cash sponsorship as well as free usage of a central show venue. Exhibition awards go towards a free stand at the London Fashion Week Exhibition. Easy to appreciate it's importance in getting British fashion talent up & running and staying there.

When your a newbie to the UK fashion industry there's much to learn and support comes from where ever designers can get. In the spirit of sharing here are a few tips in preparation for submitting next seasons applications on selection day.

  • Its important to READ and go through through the application pack with a fine toothed comb .. If you don't meet the criteria set out in the pack you WONT get a look in, that could be a waste of time, cash, preparation and getting samples there for 8.30am.
  • Invest in good quality garment bags which comes sealed at the bottom. Especially useful for protecting long, trailing pieces. A lot of lifting and carrying goes on..
  • If your using a PR company who sends your work via a courier, some how try and get them to label the packages / boxes etc on the outside stating 'who is in the box'. PR's tend to send out all their clients work together under their own name rather than in the name of individual clients. Much easier for them but the poor delivery person / courier has no idea who's in the box it saves the BFC team and the courier much needed confusion in the chaos.
  • Its your work and its precious (blood, sweat and fashion!) its a nice idea to highlight delicate pieces by labelling them as 'fragile / handle with love and extra great care' or words to that effect.
  • On the flip side Fort Knox style packaging is not a good idea it can be a event just opening boxes.
  • Use good quality, very tacky self adhesive labels, staple, sew on, even better embroider branding to garment bags. The cheap options have no tack and fall off, however the branded investment presents a professional image and helps if you want your samples returned to you in the same packaging you delivered them in.
  • Its a chaotic process, a useful tip picked up from the more experienced designers. Attach photographs of 'looks' or content of your bags to the outside or maybe insert pictures into your list of contents. Another professional touch and really, really useful when pieces get separated.
  • Lastly be fastidious about checking your work for immaculate finishing, loose threads, loose stitching etc.. it brand perception and visual communication.
In the grand scheme of things it boils down to time, preparation, budget and how a brand presents it image to everyone in the NewGen chain.

Best of luck!

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