The One Where I Messed With 'My Choo Choo's'

Nice surprises come in direct messages, so came the thank you for joining over a thousand other Twitter followers who tried to win a pair of trainers in the Jimmy Choo / Four Squares London wide Trainer Treasure Hunt. This was the social media campaign launch of Jimmy Choo's first trainer collection. And as an extra special treat for following CatchAChoo a few of us treasure seekers were invited to an exclusive lock in at Jimmy Choo's Sloane Street store. This was my first time in SATC favourite shoe shop and a nice opportunity to schmooze with bloggers like Sherin over @HiFashion.

I love motherhood and kids and chores and work but! as I worked my way through the three favourite pastimes that I have never had the opportunity to do all at the same time.. cupcakes, shoes and sitting having an uninterrupted conversation.. I was grateful to Jimmy Choo for creating that moment where I could eat @Beas_Bloomsbury cupcakes while I had a funny, girlie conversation with one of the girls who worked there (who also happened to be fellow LCF alumni) while shoe boxes and tissue paper from Jimmy Choo's latest collection were on the floor around me and I played shoe dress up with sparkly Jimmy Choo's shoes on my feet! Bliss..

ta da.. Jimmy Choo's the new trainer collection

Hearts to the winning treasure seeker @donna_de who picked out
these for a friend who is ill ..

Zap's acrylic heel and Camilla's eye catching colour combination neon on black patent leather

Loved the shell inlay in the platform sole but chasing around after a four year old boy I cant say I have much opportunity to wear 5 inch heels however these were surprisingly comfortable. So if I could and I think I would certainly give these £695 Zena sandals a try.

I really, really wanted to try on a pair of sparkly heels and as if by magic Quinze appeared ..these crystal encrusted £1095 suede peep toe shoe boot stayed with me for the rest of evening (and they even came with their own security guard ..) I'm kidding, there was no hovering security but these so could have come home with me..

My evening with Zena & Quinze
Thanks for the memory Jimmy Choo ..

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