Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Well, not smoke exactly and errrm not exactly IN your eyes either :-) . Right now I am loving Nudes Advanced Eye Complex. This all in one eye treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles ( not that I have any ..ahem!) and also reduces puffiness and dark circles. What I really love about the complex, aside from the light texture and cooling sensation is the ingredient that works all of the de-puffing magic . This ingredient has recently wrecked havoc on the travel plans of millions of holiday goers across Europe and the UK and has cost the UK Travel Industry trillions(OK, slight exaggeration) ... It's Mountain Ash ! that's right ASH. The ash actually activates the blood circulation around the eye area and helps to 'significantly reduce eye puffiness and dark circles'
See, there is always a positive side to every, instead of cursing that pesky volcano in Iceland ( Mt Eyjafjallajokull) , just think about how your eyes will be brought back to life by the ash used in Nudes AEC . I have been using the product for the past 3 days and although my lines and wrinkles ( which don't really exist ...ahem!) don't seem to have improved much , I can certainly vouch for the deflation of my 'puffiness'.
I like Nude, I like their ethos and their packaging. They have bowled me over with their inventiveness when it comes to exploring natural and organic ingredients which are highly effective. Head on down to Space NK or Whole Foods ( where you can actually have a Nude facial) on Kensington High Street to get your Nude fix.
Bright Eyes ! (or -how- my -eyes- would -look- if -I -could- figure- out -how -to- work- my- new- camera).



N Miller said...

How much is it? I'm looking for a cream that works wonders with hydrating the under eye area and that does not irritate my sensitive eyes.

Chantal said...

It's priced at £62.00 for 15ml . As you only need to use the product sparingly this should last you at the very least 6 months .So using 'chiconomics' that works out to roughly 36p per day! A small price to pay for lovely, hydrated skin :-)