The One Where the Blogger met The Stylist

Last week I smiled when as I read LibertyLondonGirl's weet recruiting for a summer intern.
Twitter is a useful tool, when bloggers start using it to advert for interns you know the heat is on. And I totally understand the need, she has a 9-5, she blogs, she's getting invites, product and offers to good to be refused. She's juggling the blogger balls. I remembered looking for my first interns, let me tell you, its not easy. Eventually I gave up, but with a helping hand from a very trustworthy PR connection I took the search in-house. But what does that have to do with a working wardrobe?

Well it's been a while since I've been in the interviewee hot seat and playing HR (human resources) is daunting. But I kept it casual and invited people in for a interview/chat. What struck me the most was how underwhelmed I was with 'interview/chat' outfits. I didn't know whether to take it personally, after all this a little ol blog right (nothing to serious?!) But! I've donned the HR hat again recently, for a client of very, very, cool and desirable products that sell in Dover Street Market. Now I realise, it had nothing at all to do with being a blogger's intern. It has to do with the how one puts together one's working girls wardrobe. Back in April I had a chance to chat with Zoe Lem the stylist that styled the new fashion outlet, she's here chatting to me and Flip, the handy cam about styling for eBay and she offers some very useful tips about the working girls wardrobe. Hope you find it useful, I did!

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