I Just Want Your Extra Time & Your.. Kiss!

Just in case you hadn't noticed , lipstick is THE makeup accessory of choice right now ( did you not peep the Revlon Red SJP wore to the recent SATC 2 premiere ?) and now that our lovely Leigh is strutting her stuff in not just any lipstick...but Chanel Lipstick dahling, I think it's the perfect opportunity to spotlight two amazing lip care products. Lip care is vital at the best of times ( as in, even if all you do is wear gloss) . Just like the skin on your body , your lips need regular exfoliation and lots and lots of moisture.

Once every two weeks I use Sara Happs Brown Sugar Lip Scrub. It smells and feels great, so much so that I am often tempted to eat it! It really does the job and leaves my lips kissably soft and lipstick ready. I then slather on heaps of lip balm. At the moment I'm using the lush new mandarin lip butter sticks by Korres. I usually leave it to sit for a good 10 mins (note, this is done on a Sunday afternoon as part of my pampering ritual) before I blot it off with a soft tissue. My lips are then primed for another 2 weeks of lipstick wearing worthiness.

P.S. I highly recommend dancing around to Prince's K.I.S.S. when performing this ritual


Chantal x


Anonymous said...

I am in very much of agreement with Chantal, for ladies to add lip care to their skincare regiment. So often our lips are taken for granted and it is one of the first things people would take notice of if your lips are in horrible shape.

Not only would your lips be "kissably soft and lipstick ready" but exfoliating your lips would help eliminate the embarrassing problem of that white line that forms around someone's mouth from time to time.

New Jersey, USA
Former Model of Finesse Modeling Agency ^_^

Heidi said...

mmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm Lip scrub and a fornightly Sunday afternoon pamper just sound like heaven is on earth.

I love Korres products.....

Thanks Chantal!

Anonymous said...

oooh - I am going to try this lip beauty regime. Thanks.
Jane xxxx

Chantal said...

@ 'New Jersey' thanks for sharing the extra benefit of lip exfoliation ! BTW no such thing as a former model, once a model always a model :-)
@Heidi , We love Korres too. Have you tried their Guava body butter ? divine .
@Jane . It really works , let us know how it goes :-)

Dorienne said...

I really need to try the Korres lip balm as I love, love, love their body butters. They are one of my best kept secrets!

Love your blogs Chantal xx

Chantal said...

Thank you so much Dorienne, happy to know that we are being read! Guava is my personal favourite , what's yours ? x