The One About H by Harris

People love a get together. Organising a special one like H by Harris' 'One Year On' exhibition party in collaboration with Paul Smith was a pleasure. There was the expected back end correspondence, behind the scenes co-ordination, hic -ups and downs. However, once the green light started flashing that was the sign to get very excited and a lot busier. I have a little experience working in a team organising events and that's how I got to be working with Harris again 12 years later!

One Year On was a design exhibition in three stories. The art of Harris' styling as told in the photographic exhibition of 9 black + white prints beautifully, beautifully! shot by the talented fashion and beauty photographer Daniel O'Connell. His work ticked every box that it was supposed to and then some. A static exhibition of the infamous collection 'Manoeuvre' H by Harris A/W 2010 and 'Fixed' H by Harris's first fashion film directed by Manny Bonett. showcases the collection on slick, styled, stunt performing fixed gear cyclists. All things considered and the amazing turn out that came to support H By Harris and I didn't want to leave! It was a resounding success. I had Lumix with me, so in between the to do list and climbing ladders in red clog slipper heels, (why didn't anyone stop me.. follow me @Iamahealthhazard unto myself!) I took a few before, during and after pictures for the H by Harris first anniversary, exhibition album.
practising the art of the hanging..

Undercover .. Khary Bennet, Ellie @ Select + James Tanner

laying out Manoeuvre A/W 2010 collection

decisions.. decisions...

this half mannequin had us in stitches.. not sure why now ?
(one of those.. you had to be there moments I guess!)

sort of like sleeve facing but with a 6ft photograph..!

The space is clean and cleared, bar's being set up, we're almost ready to open the doors..
anyone seen Harris?

And now.. the beautiful people at H by Harris One Year On celebration
@BSidebyWale Wale Adeyemi + Khary Bennet

in the middle Abena Ofei + Lydia Mbala Four Marketing wearing shades of crimson

Nigel Melville and his baby girls..

In the middle DJ Justin Robertson .. to his right Sophia

Kervin Marc from OK Marc

On the right graphic designer 'Ninety' from Onedrinpen

Tinashe before..

Tinashe during ..performing tracks from his new EP 'Zambezi' out 27th June '10

Rhonda from concept store Darkroom

Lumix battery died and these three gents (from the left) Teddy, Chris Lamontagne of Reem and Khary thought that was hilarious... but 'hee hee' I got the last laugh x

Harris + Daniel O'Connell

from the right Sadie + Richard from Paul Smith, you guys were triffic..! thank you x

On the left.. Kofi Allen + his mate wearing spy glasses with a hidden camera.. uh oh..

On the right Amelia + Reem Alasadi of Reem

people ..lights are on .. it's time to go HOME!

final shot .. Harris Elliott saying n-night
posing with Salto


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I enjoyed watching those beautiful black people grinning their teethes!