The One Where Coco is Cocooned

You know when you were five years old, rummaging through your mummy's wardrobe playing dress up? Not the sparkles, shine and gloss dress up (that's in the Jimmy Choo post). But the times when your playing pretend shopping or pretend going on holiday. Did you ever have bags like these to play with? I never did, my mama was a little bit hippy, and you never trust a hippy right. It was jute totes and carrier bags in our house! but imagine play time inspired by the Coco Cocoon campaign fronted by Vanessa Paradis. In a room full of parred down inconspicuous luxury casual bags, purses, luggage and blankets all fashioned from quilted leather and nylon with a hint of fur, this is where I hung out for the morning.  


Its nice getting going to events like these, a few of the girlies from Glam's network were invited to join the Chanel press office to preview the new Coco Cocoon collection. How can bags be so cosy and comfy, I'd never considered it before. Well actually they can and Cocoon shows you how. It's a perfect salutation for a range that epitomises everyday style as it prepares for the cooler weather and gets you in the mood to be wrap up.  Its all in  the material and design. Puffy leather quilting, weatherproof nylon and the softest chinchilla fur obviously nods to ski and snowy climates. Have to say I had assumed that the faux fur theme from the next seasons womens wear collection would carry through to Cocoon. So there was a little disappointment when I realised that the chinchilla was real rather than faux. But on the other hand I did enjoy Mighel demonstrating how to reverse the reversible tote, which actually, looks really nice both inside and out. Thank you Chanel a lovely morning play date and for the copy of Chanel & Her World. 

  Three favourites.. the small case , the quilted zip tote and the trolley!
and the award for the best impersonation of 
'walking with my luggage'
goes to the mystery male model..

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