The One About the Moody Y-3 Film

Before I go off to lunch and sit in the sun for an hour.. Look at this short video and see what you think..? The peeps at Adidas said it was ok to share this with you. It's a 30 second taster, a mood film of the soon to released Y-3 A/W 10-11 collection. Look out for a longer version in the coming months. It's a little solitary, watery and cold.. thinking we're in the UK, so maybe its a hint to get ready to wrap up ..again, or maybe travel somewhere in a fishing boat or sitting on the dock of a bay with a bag of fi and chi.. (fish and chips) cosying up to someone warm and cuddly maybe! What does it put you in the mood for ? Enjoy!

1 comment:

Chantal said...

It makes me want to go for a long walk at twilight , when the stars are just starting to peek out from under the blanket of the evening sky .