What Do You Do ?

What Do You Do ? I've been asked that question quite a few times in the weeks since  graduating and becaming London College of Fashion alumni. It's a pretty standard Q and A situation you might encounter when your out networking. If your an betweeneey like me, its a question that can leave you a little tongue tied. That's why I'm a teeny bit jealous of creative's. I'd love to say I'm a designer, photographer, artist, poet, sculptor  like Steve, Jessica, Gabrielle and Felix.

Converse asked them the same question and this season they represented the UK as part of the brands S/S 2010 celebration of creativity. This is a campaign that Converse used to bring together a group of artists working in different mediums from all around the globe. Converse Global Artist collaboration features the work of 13 artist's from Europe, North and South America, China and South East Asia. 

For example, at the press day, by the way this was Winter 2009, last season! the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker was paired with Slim Felix Thorne's acoustic sculpture and the One Star '74 met with textile artist Gabrielle Sellen and other artists like..

Using a mix of traditional instruments (drum sets, sticks, xylophone keys) and miscellaneous everyday items (trash cans, school bells, metal scraps), Felix builds complex sculptures that turn his electronic compositions into acoustic sounds, reinventing what it means to make music.

 Jessica Jane Barlow
Inspired by the questions surrounding society’s struggles, Jessica expands on the visual qualities of affliction. Her illustrations range from the cellular and molecular to pandemic portraits.

Sewing curious pipes, exhausts and mechanical objects into bright fabrics, Gabrielle creates bold and adventurous structural forms that push new boundaries, creating a juxtaposition between the exotic and the industrial.

Bang Yao Liu 
A student from Taipei, Bang Yao creates colorful scenes and stop-animations using the simplest of daily house wares (plastic bowls, cleaning utensils, post-it notes), kind of like Fred Butler .. reminding us that it doesn’t take much to make the ordinary extraordinary

Back to question What Do You Do ?.. I record footage and keep it in an on-line style and culture diary (blog) I'm a blogger! ( I still need to work on that.. lol!) This footage is part of the archive, a basic point and shot record of some of the work featured in the project through the lens of Converse product stories and my handycam Flip.

Chuck Taylor All Star + Slim Felix Thorne
Chuck Taylor All Star Star Punk +  Jessica Jane Barlow
Chuck Taylor All Star Pop + Steve Rosenthal
One Star '74 + Gabrielle Sellen
Star Player + Mentalgassi



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