"Didn't we have a lovely time..."

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to ZSL London Zoo ? If your a parent or look after school aged kids your probably in the end of year school calendar wind down zone. As the kids count down the minutes to the school trip the mood around our nursery was literally bubbling with excitement! So yesterday was the big one, 110 little boy-boy's and girls, staff and parents on the annual day trip out. This year management very wisely decided against another trip to Shoeburyness seaside on the tube! Instead we took a canal trip along Regents Canal to London Zoo in Regents Park.

This was my first time experiencing turbulence on a canal barge! and boy-boy's first time seeing a real life Asian tiger at close proximity. Poor little thing wouldnt speak to me for half an hour because I didn't make a run for it through the crowds of spectators waiting around the tiger enclosure for Lumpur the massive tiger to wake up. I did feel really guilty when Lumpur finally sat up, looked in our direction and walked towards us. My son, bless him was genuinely petrified as he screamed 'run mummy.. QUICK! RUN!.. he's going to eat us!!" I had to use biscuits and a story of eating soggy tomato sandwiches under the same shelter that we ate our lunch when I was 9 years old to bribe him into talking to me again! All in all, with the exception of the rain and the hefty cost of a trip to the zoo in central London we had a lovely day out.


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