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Silly, nigglings 'things' happened today and in a very short space of time, by the end of a unpredictable day I was ready forget. Unwind on a warm London evening with a light munch and mingle over a summer platter of appetisers, cheesecake and small talk, why not! Invited publishers, pets and guests met at Glam UK new office warming party in Great Portland Street, London this evening. A sexie, meaning, chic and cool, group of well turned out fashion, entertainment, style, music and celebrity bloggers hung out and got acquainted while we flipped through Kristina Knox's new book Alexander Mcqueen Genius of a Generation and Yvan Rodi's straight up bible Face Hunter.

While we swapped notes on Apothia scented candles, straw fedora's, African genealogy, Google's ban in China, Marian Kihogo 6' 5 in heels and Chris Rocks 'Good Hair'. I got a little tip off from Bert Clayton + Ho of Yorkshire Pearls. The guys as yet 'untitled' womens wear label may be unveiled next season at London Fashion Week S/S 2011/2012 under the catwalk tutelage of Vauxhall Fashion Scout. They've yet to make an official announcement, so don't quote me, maybe we'll hear more about soon. So while I hassled Bert for a Yorkshire Peal bangle and Marian shoooed me towards the door to get ready to head over to the Whitleys for pop up shop sale preview, Simon from miniature daschund 'blessed' the new carpet in the area of the finance department. It's a sign of good luck and prosperity in some cultures! but to be safe a good fabric deodoriser 'eliminates odours and freshens with a fruity summer scent' will do the trick! lol x

Marian Kihogo + Ernie Cicogna Glam Co-Founder/ International Global Partners

Marian Kihogo + Kristen Knox The Clothes Whisperer +Simon The Very Simon G + Karena Sedgwick, Iris Ben-David styleshake.comdesigner Lira Leirner 
(in the black blazer)

Ho browsing Facehunter, Cyrena Arnold Freak Deluxe, Reena, the glamorous cleaner,

women's wear designers Bert Clayton + Ho
far right celebrity + entertainment bloggers .. That Grape Juice

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marian said...

i had so much fun that evening!
big kiss honey