Y-3 Part Three

Here it is the final final installment to Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2010-11 campaign. If you've been following the roll out you'll have seen the two teasers clips on Style Canteen. The first being
The One About The Moody Y-3 Film and the second Y-3 A/W 2010-11 COMING SOON.  The official story behind the three part campaign is loosely built around team features ex-footie player Zinedine Zidane and a group of models showcasing the relationship between movement, product and a sport inspired, high-end fashion brand. The end result is less cryptic than this ".. snippets of cityscapes recorded in black and white.. that fuel a sense of entrapment and desire while asking you to think on a visual level" I've followed the campaign and like this simplified strategy. A beautifully shot mood rather than collection centric on-line campaign timed for global release over the course of summer 2010 in preparation for an amazing set of still black and white images (a happy union between print & on-line) But a little about the collection, Y-3 step's away from the football fan collective, the movement that was the World Cup. Thankfully we wont have to hear Dizzee and James Corden 'Shouting' about this. Yamamoto say's.. "Recently the trend has been for tighter and shorter and sexier clothes, I wanted to wrap the body again, and not show too much." Yohji Yamamoto 2010 So for Y-3 A/W 2010/11 expect a collection that sit's somewhere between dark, broody and slightly anti the status quo. Thank you Yamamoto for being anti..!

Creative Direction: Lloyd & Co.

Still Photography: Alasdair McLellan

Cinematography: Theo Stanley / New Mountain

Editing: Frederic Taxi

Styling: Nicola Formichetti

Music: David Salom

Hair & Make-Up: Didier Malige & Gucci Westman

Location: Pier 54, Hudson River Park – New York City


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