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I've had my feelers out looking for interesting projects between fashion brands and musicians, back in the spring I found mens casual wear brand Aertex. At the time they had just launched their S/S 10 collection. The look book had been styled on a hard edge man vibe which I thought may be a little in your face for Style Canteen's mostly female readers. But Aertex let slip that a music project was in the pipe line. Waiting for the release proved to be a good idea because the new look is highly refreshing (for a 122 year old brand!) Above is an advance clip from the forthcoming digital fashion music promo featuring the new collection styled on new Manchester based indie band The Heartbreaks

Directed by Ivan Oglivie, who also directed 'Wild Human Child' by Egyptian Hip Hop the promo was shot on location at the DQ club in Sheffield England. In my humble opinion this is a well considered fashion / music collaboration, in that it's an alikeness, a synergy that any one into The Heartbreaks or Aertex can get behind. Aertex are committed to supporting fresh local talent by sponsoring them with product. I'm not sure who styled the band, and it's not exactly a new look, but we cant knock the mancunian street rock style there's an audience out there for it and that's what its all about making it work for your audience! 

So why the vintage images? Legend has it that 122 years ago Lewis Haslam, a mill owner from Lancashire happened upon the benefits of a fabric that was holey but yet warm, a cellular cotton that was to be the foundation of the Cellular Clothing Company and the start of Aertex. They've been quietly playing by their own rules ever since. To give you a little bit of background, Aertex was founded in 1888 so that qualifies it is as a UK heritage fashion brand and there aren't many of those around! It was the fabric of choice for war time uniform in the 40's, and in terms of setting trends in colour, design and fabric Aertex was an integral player in 50's new look. 

Avance rapide to 2010 and Aertex has been re-invented they're now 'that' indie brand that's making in roads, quietly making moves and picking followers. I wear Aertex, I have a cute black and white wide check shirt which is a bit of a tight squeeze (it's a fitted boy cut so there's not a lot of room for girls :) And so are bands like the Courteeners, Ruff Sqwad, The Moons and the Charlatans. But good news! if you want to join the club we have a give-away below... scroll to the bottom of the post for details ..Good luck!

The generous people at Aertex have given us classic Aertex for our readers. While the weathers still warm we have two short sleeved Aertex to give-away! 

Omet polo in white and Cain tee in black both small (36 - 38 inches). Be quick! first two to leave us a nice comment and drop us a line at with a UK based mailing address wins !

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