Converse A/W 2010

Maybe its something entirely different but what Converse do extremely well is cool. I'm a fan completely attracted to the fresh ways they express and engage me with the Converse cool. They've been  around since around 1908 so we know they're big on self preservation. But they also balance tradition with creative expression, old ideas with new ones and that's what I'm talking about.

Before the A/W 2010 collection hit the stores I'd already hand picked my favourites at the Vinyl Factory inside Phonica Records in a curated back room space on Poland Street with head phones dancing from the ceiling. Love the Converse culture and their art of story telling, its pretty effective. All their shoes all different personalities but in the end true love conquers all. Hands down its the classics, any Chuck Taylor hi-top right.. ! What do you reckon to rocking the Hendrix boot with the gold frogging? The look from Net-a-Porter is major! simple, chic and lets the Chuck do all the talking. Had a tough time picking a brown leather shoe.. Jack Purells sitting on a pile of antiqued picture frames or Star Chevron hi-tops balancing on basketballs, and because i'm retro and proud the Nylon 75's in every colour please!  I love Converse, I get engrossed in their stories, wear mines sympathetically and fantasise about owning a size 6 in every style.  


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