Farewell Summer.. Hello Carnival !

Rain (less please!) or shine, Style Canteen  as you know, has been out and about enjoying all the outdoor events that are so synonymous with Summer Time in London Town. We have managed to keep our cool and maintain our fierceness by using some fantastic beauty finds and decided that we really should be sharing a few of our treasures with you. But before I get into our beauty treats. It's THE penultimate street party.. Notting Hill Carnival time again and boy am I excited!. I'm choosing to 'JUMP' with the Bachanal Mas band which over the last two years has definitely contributed to my over-all 'Carnival well being'. This year Bachanal Mas are collaborating with MAC and I can’t wait to see what amazing looks the MAC team will be creating to match the beautiful costumes. So as we to continue in our end of Summer fierceness I'll be closing the season with these gems packed in my Carnival Skin Survival Kit

Korres Pomegranate Wipes
We ©  Korres and their Pomegranate cleansing wipes have been keeping us oh so fresh as we've boogied our way through the Summer. We even use them on our feet to clean yucky looking flip flop toes and on our hands to clean sugar laced fingers (candy floss anyone?)

Nude Hydrating Water (100ml)
Spritz this SOS (Skin Outdoor Saviour) onto your face for an instant rehydrating lift.  Perfectly soothing and pleasingly yummy smelling. It’s actually great for setting makeup too!

Shiffa Healing Balm :
This is a ‘Must Have’ multifunctional balm which smells lush (Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil and Mango Butter)  and works to both sooth and calm skin as well as providing much needed moisture to skin which has been over-exposed to the elements.  I used it on my shoulders at the Latin Festival in Burgess Park a few weekends ago and attracted more than the Honey Bees ;-)

Ole Henriksens Hands Forwards SPF 15
Keep your hands looking just as loved up as the rest of you and use this. It contains Shea butter, SPF and Kojic acid (Mushroom extract) which all work together to keep your hands super supple.  It is really concentrated though so a little goes a long long way.  Very important to have lovely looking hands whilst out and about on the circuit as you never know who you may be introduced to!

Elemis Festival Survivor Kit (is the winner of our practical but still lush award!) This kit has it all. Travel sized versions of Elemis’ most festival appropriate products  as well as an eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste and loads more. Our faves are the Lime and Ginger Body Wash and the Elemis Eau de Parfum  (we smell sooooo good).

So, as our typically British Summer draws to an end, there really is no need for you to not look anything but totally fabulous darling, especially as the Bank Holiday weekend gets started. 

See you on the road!

L.O.V.E. Chantal x

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