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The perception of blogging has changed so much in the past 24 months. So in recognition of all the hardworking bloggers and blog networks in the blog-o-sphere we know !  Along with all these fabulous fashion blogs representing the UK Style Canteen made the cut..! Here's a copy of the GlamUK article ..

Leading online women's site Glam Media has put together a list of the top fashion blogs in the world.
Seventeen UK fashion blogs make the list, along with nine from the United States, 14 French fashion blogs and one Spanish blog.

The criteria used to decide influence included unique users, who the blogger is, their audience and the quality of their blog.

Charlotte Smith, Glam Media recruitment and community manager and seasoned blogger, said she looked at "what they are writing about, what they are photographing or video blogging".

"The look and style of the blog, right now the trend in fashion blogs is clean. We suggest clean designs, uncluttered sites, backed by blogger credibility and each blogger's unique point of view."

She said Glam compiled the list "because there are many companies out there who claim to understand online media and bloggers" and PRs often asked how to identify key fashion bloggers.

"For PRs if you work with us and invite our bloggers, in return you will get quality coverage without the drama."

Topping the UK list is, a blog by Filipino-born Bryan Grey-Yambao which has been described as a "phenom in the fashion blogosphere". Bryanboy fans often send in photos of themselves in his signature pose - standing with hips thrust to one side and a handbag in an outstretched arm.

Second in the UK list is, a blog by Yvan Rodic which showcases street style fashion across the globe. Fashion writer and stylist Marian Kihogo's blog takes third spot, while, a fashion and lifestyle blog with a vintage twist takes the fourth spot.

Academic-turned-fashionista Kristin Knox, author of 
Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation, also makes the list with her blog

Fashion Foie Gras,; Bip Ling,; Shiny Style TV; Style Canteen; and Freak Deluxe make up the top 10 in the UK.

Also making it on the list are: and

Topping the list in the United States is, followed by; and

The top French fashion blog is, followed by and Also making list, which singer Madonna's daughter Lourdes links to, and beauty blogger who was handpicked by Chanel for a Chanel No 5 campaign.

The top Spanish fashion blog was

Charlotte said: "I love the idea of blogging and what I do at Glam. Artists, writers and passionate experts can share their voice with the world. Brands can reach real people and get feedback from real people. I cannot wait for the next two years to see what transpires and what developments there are in the blog world."

Reproduced with kind permission of GlamUK

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