Moving and Changing..

Regular visitors will notice things on the blog have moved around a bit. We're having issue's with our MPU's, that's a blog advertising technie acronym for Moving Picture Unit or the ad's we have on the blog that look like TV adverts. Because they pop out they need a bit more space and because Style Canteen was on an inflexible antiquated Blogger template there was little room for adapting the XML code. I wont go any further into the back end of blogging because it go's over my head too! 
This is also a good time to let you know it's only a temporary change because very soon Style Canteen will be getting a whole blogover. After 3 happy years we're moving home, we'll have a new address and we'll be using Wordpress as our new blog platform. As with any move to new surroundings we're also looking forward to decorating the blog, giving it a lift and a whole new look too. We may need your help along the way so we'll keep you posted on developments until then..
 Have a lovely day !