A short movie by Kenneth Anger For Missoni A/W 2011

A short movie by Kenneth Anger... introducing the Missoni Autumn / Winter 2011 ad campaign. This new “experimental” movie in Anger style is a dream-like  surreal movie portrait. It transcends the predictable illustration or documentation of fashion, interweaving clothes with natural elements and locations, waterfalls, lamps of fire, human figures, that briefly appear act and dissolve, like a vibrant, organic sequence of abstract frames.  

Edited in Los Angeles using “Heavy Metal Valley” by Koudlam as the soundtrack. The film frees Missoni trends or visual fashion clich├ęs transforming it to experiment and opening it to other languages, in a media of further emotions and aesthetic sensations, in a starting point for the creation of  alternative imageries. Angela Missoni adds Angers movies are like “fabrics, three dimensional textures, plots of  colors and images in motion.” 

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