First Look: The Mini Scooter

Chantal our Beauty Ed is at the launch of the Mini Scooter E Concept party at Vinyl Factory Phonica Records 51 Poland Street London. If your in the area and can hustle your way in you need to see the MINI Scooter E Concept it is amazing!! I am loving it. Its so cool we're doing a tag team post tonight, she's sending me pictures from her mobile and I'm posting them live while she's at the event!

I'm excited because just started my new post with the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project. I'm based across the river at the South London Gallery in Camberwell and thinking of faster ways to cut through the traffic to and from West London. I've been toying with the idea of a scooter so imagine me on one of these electric baby's. A highly efficient, economical and best of all a far cooler alternative to zipping around the city.. check out the seasonal colour palettes they're like fashion on two and three wheels.. we're loving this! Where can I sign up a test drive.. spin .. a test ride please .. I'm so deadly serious!