Jean Anatomy

You gotta love how many ways you can work the most important fabric ever to be invented. Denim has been uniform in my wardrobe almost forever. Hence my curiosity in what denim brand  Natural Selection are doing in the denim area on the menswear floor in Selfridge's Oxford Street. They've created an intriguing installation called 'Denim Dissection'. If you've ever visited the Wellcome Collection you'll understand when I refer to ye old curiosity medical shop. 1920's hospital operating room is the inspiration behind concept. Vintage and military inspired furniture, a cast iron operating table, medical trolleys, big surgical lights, medical trays and other operating tools create a space that suggests anatomy. Not of the body but of a pair of Natural Selection Pilgrim heavy washed jeans which have been sliced with surgical precision, to reveal a raw pair of jeans and denim at its most purest. Think mad professor 'denim' scientist surrounded by specimen jars full of buttons, rivets pickling in formaldehyde and organ bowls full of denim DNA scraps, Selvedge trims, secret rivets at integral stress points, leather patches and everything else that makes up the DNA of a pair of good quality  jeans. 
Because I still love my denim, lets celebrate denim and jeans material as I once heard it called a little bit more.  I really got into the idea of making a fuss about the humble fabric from lowly beginnings. I love the 13 oz denim made from Zimbabwean cotton from Nihonmenpu mills in Okayama Japan! And Pilgrim, Natural Selections new wash which harks back to settlers in New England and the Drifter wash which has a skeleton whiskering effect which gives the denim a 3-D feel. It's comforting to know that when I'm out making my next denim purchase the brands like Natural Selection will on hand with an artful collection to choose from.

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