Anna Chong Does Gaga Gowns

And now something fun from the world of toys and mannequins. Brandishing a new portfolio of work, a great sense of humour and an innovative approach to promotion. LCF graduate Anna Chong left the London College Fashion last year with BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear. Obviously not one to hang around waiting for opportunities Chong has literally embraced the opportunity to use those tools to design a 9 piece collection of miniature gowns for mannequins for toy makers Bandai brand Harumika

Some of these mini gown's are replica's of the Haus of Gaga's show stopping creations, the very same one's that Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti is all about showcasing on his blog. Not to be confused with the Gaga Barbie doll released last year. Chongs collection include's a miniature replica of the infamous meat dress, the red lace dress and crown from the MTV Video Music Awards, the American flag two-piece that starred in the Telephone video, the orbit dress from the Grammy’s, the see-through plastic dress and Lobster hat Lady Gaga wore in London after the final date of her Monster Tour and her bubble dress as modelled on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Here's Chong on YouTube with a  step-by-step guide ..'how to drape and fold your very own parma ham gown' .. love it !

 The gown's premiere  tomorrow at the London Toy Fair

*Harumika is a new girls fashion concept which allows girls to create fashion design on special mannequins, out of any type of fabric. Each set contains two mannequins and a variety of fabrics and accessories including stickers, flowers and ribbons*

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