Lille de Londres

Keith Khan is one of those characters whose name one comes across along on the course of one's creative galavants. Keith is an artist, his impressive working portfolio includes Chief Executive of Shoreditch based arts centre Rich Mix and Head of Culture for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Recently his creative practice Keith Khan Assoc was commissioned by Lille3000 to present Lille de Londres: a weekend of Londoness with a twist. For this he designed an installation with Alexie Sommer which was exhibted at Tri Postal. The installtion was part of a sold out programme of events which a Hip Hop, Dubstep and Reggae night (presented with Momi Inc, featuring DJ Skitz, MC’s Deadly Hunta, Buggsy & Harrison), and fashion and hair styling from the New London Salon. 

I met Keith, in person, for the first time at his office in Highbury with Kentake Chinyelu of Momi Inc. We sat in around a large wooden desk and brainstormed and chatted and talked.
All the while these huge, eyecatching, colourful artworks mounted on mdf were vying for my attention. Before I left I took some pictures ...

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