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In the spirit of love I thought about doing a Valentines post however in place of hearts, frills, chocolate kisses and Valentines wishes. For the next five days (as well as the usual post's and a round up of New York Fashion Week) I'll be sharing an all star set of love inspired favourite things from my 'Love You' wish list

Starting with The Darkroom 'Love You' Rhonda & Lulu for 'Love From Dark Room'. Today is the final day of the cult concept stores valentine charity exhibtion. Last year their Love & Haiti exhibition benefited Haitis earthquake victims. This year charity event is in aid of the Kids Company, a charity that works with vulnerable and neglected young people across London. 'Love From Dark Room' is an exhibition of love hearts by over 40 designers, artists, photographers, illustrators and stylists.

Who was the lucky buyer of Harris Elliott's 'One Love' ? I loved this piece its too fabulous and beautiful it started a bit of a bidding war! Fingers crossed it's been a huge success and everything has sold out! I was at the launch and saw money change hands, the cash deck swamped and the sold stickers going up on these baby's. For the collectors amongst us it's still worth giving Rhonda & Lulu a call on 020 7831 7244, see if you can pick up a collectors item before the exhibition comes down. Up next tomorrow, Love You ..Too

 All pieces on sale to the public for £150
52 Lamb’s Conduit Street
London  WC1N 3LL 

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