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Love You Too is a reminder that jewellery maketh the outfit. Definitely not the traditional  girls best friend symbols of love + jewellery. Hence the reason why Love You Too features jewellery designs 'amor los une' by Marie Francesca Pepe and  The Love Story Paris 1946′ by Jessica Lotz

Marie Francesca Pepe
Starting with fashion & jewellery designer MFP, for S/S 2011 Marie has includes her avant-garde accessory collection fondly referred to as 'jewellery-wear'.  Inspite of my small frame, most days i'm a size 8, I dont feel completely dressed without a piece of statement jewellery. Right now i'm trending jewellery wear that drapes across the shoulder and comes from some place that's chunky, hard yet elegant and preferably made from precious metals. Hence MFP two finger bar ring, the wide band ring with the heart charm and the stud link chain which also comes in a draped bodywear version.

Jessica Lotz
And now for a Love You congratulation shout out to jewellery designer Jessica Lotz who had her heart stolen right down the aisle, she getting married in March! From Jessica's Love Story, Paris 1946 I've picked the hand stamped, hand made wax seal bangle. This feels like a classic piece, different to MFP in that it's not fashion led. Its simple design with character has an air of authenticity about thats quirky as well as bold. Gold and silver, rough around the edges with a gorgeous heart pendant or is that a charm? Either way we're loving it.
 See you tomorrow with another Love Message

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