Guts for Garters

In a private room at The Hospital Club, I held on to the bottom of what looks like a piece of mouldy print wallpaper. Rachel Chudley the shorter half of 'Guts For Garters' stood on tip toes on a chair trying to wedge the roll into place before it hit the floor again. While she's up there, she's telling me about all the goods she and Cassie Beadle (the red head half of the duo) have dressed the room with for the press preview of their new curiosity concept store 'Guts For Garters'.  

In its own small way Guts For Garter is an irreverent reflection of a trend that Future Laboratory’s Martin Raymond will be talking about not too far away from Guts For Garters at the LS:N Global Trend Briefing at Round House. The 'Transformation Economy' Anarconomy Decade " turbulence, transformation and anarchic thinking.." This has me thinking about a time when the word 'Camden' meant influencer. Circa 1986 and Run DMC first ever UK gig at the Electric Ballroom, goths and punks and the destination location for alternative sub cultures and other types that broke the rules.

Somewhere between an art gallery and ye-olde curiosity shop two slightly rebellious, charming, fun, warm characters are bringing back some much needed stylish defiance to Camden. Cassie and Rachel have a great sense of humour they had me laughing so much through my recorded interview, I can hardly make out a thing (very unprofessional I know!) But I did make out that Guts For Garters is a tri-annual themed retail concept. Each theme runs for 6 weeks before transforming into a new buying exhibition. They launch with 'Royal We' followed by theme two Surreal Women and finally Anatomy. Keep an eye on Death Becomes Herr the fanzine-poem created by Fiont├ín Moran style for updates.

So the ‘The Royal We’ is anti-monarchy, quite different artists using different mediums messing and mashing up the idea of ‘We’ and royalty. Anti-anarchical fashion, art and interiors commissioned pieces from artists including Jamie Reid, Keith Coventry as well as the MA students from the Royal College of Arts and archive pieces include Vivienne Westwood brings a punk aesthetic and Norman Hartnell. Alongside these names will be designers such as A Child of the Jago, illustrative collective Le Gun, Andrew Walker and Grace de Prez and vintage items dating back to the Victorian era. Guts For Garter opens March 17th at No 205 Royal College Street Camden London NW3 Its definitely going to raise a few eyebrows ! 

Guts For Garter opens March 10th at No 205 Royal College Street Camden London NW3

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