A Right Royal We

I think it was Gianni Versace that said "In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do". For the cast and crew at Guts for Garters "The Royal We"  opening it is throwing a darn good party! To give you a feel of how the launch went the salutation on the invitation read 'Dear Subjects'. Now I know I'm not a subject but you gotta admire the spirit. We were very graced by the presence of His Highness the King of Soul, Ronnie King, Her Royal Highness Elizabeth Richard, the leading lady Her Maarrm'ness the queen look a like and the Princess in waiting Agent Lynch. If I had a video clip to share, you could get real taste of how Rachel & Cassie (in her amazing peacock party dress) shimmy down ! Trust me, there's much, much more to come. 

The Royal We
Guts For Garters
205 Royal College Street 
London NW1

Images Courtesy of.. Christopher James at We Know What You Did Last Night.

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