Fast Forward> AW 2011 > Converse + Dr J's 'Star Player' Procession

Love how Converse put together their press events 5-8pm, multi space installation, DJ playing music you could dance to and dinner hor d'oeuvres served at the London HQ. MVS the most valuable space at Converse had to be the Star Chevron room which had video number one running on a loop. Love the 'Dr J' basketball boot and promo campaign video both inspired by one of the games all time most valuable players the legendary basketball player Dr J aka Julius Winfield Erving II. The Dr J basketball shoe is a First String product, basically for Press Day preview only. Suffice to say it's a good looking hi-top, good quality leather with discreet Dr J branding embossed on the side. I spotted a dark brown pair perfect staple item for fall footwear wardrobing. I'll keep you posted on its general release as soon as the embargo has been lifted. 

Join the 'Star Player' Procession has been available on the Converse You Tube channel since last Autumn without an embed? I've pulled it from 'Brooklyn Model Works' Vimeo channel (the creative's behind the gold sedan chair). Naturally as one would expect, the 'Star Player' Procession teams Converse with a high profile community of basketball players, skate boarders and other faces you might recognise. Featuring the  Dr.J, Jim Jones, Carlos Arroyo, Dougie Fresh, 'Black Jack' Ryan Shammgod, Luam Keflezgy, Rune Glifberg, Kenny Anderson, Eli Reed, A-Butta Walton, Sammy Budda, Rune Gligberg (who else did I miss?) performance by Impact Repertory Theatre, choreography by Luam Keflegz, filmed in Brooklyn NY, music by White Stripes. Join the Procession ad now showing in the UK. The second video is a behind the scenes with Director Antoine Fuqua, we love them both. We're cool right ? wouldn't it be grand if Converse could create equally cool UK centric campaigns !  

ps..Random thought.. we know he's tied to Adidas but does anyone know if there has ever been a Snoop Dogg Chuck Taylor collaboration ?  

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