Retail Therapy : My Sugar Land

To anyone one that's been gotten lost in the world of on-line retail, shopping on-line IS highly addictive. You know, from first hand experience it's easy to rack up a few more ££'s in delivery charges alone! That's still not enough to put me off, but it has swayed the balance between how much time I've spent window shopping in the real and virtual worlds. This is just a quick post to say thank you to Zoe Lem and the My Sugar Land team for the lovely reminder that  playing dressing up with exquisite designer and vintage gowns and dresses can still be a delectable self indulgent treat. I'm not sure whether they're still open? but here's to a lovely afternoon I once spent rummaging racks, shelves and shoes in a real shop not on the high street. 


My Sugarland
402 – 404 St Johns Street
London EC1V 4NJ

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