WAC is very important to so many families and young people in the arts in London. It offers REAL tangible opportunities, training and inspiration for young people to experience and participate in the arts. We live with gun and knife crime on our doorstep. WAC changes and affects lives! Our kids and young people.. many have gone on to have successful careers as actors, musicians, artists need WAC. We see WAC Alumni on television we buy their music they inspire so many. Our kids are struggling to succeed in the British educational system that in 2011 still hasnt fully grasped the real issues facing our kids. Why would Arts Council England cut ALL funding to a programme that does so much to educate and support our kids ? WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. Where ever you are in the world if your a young person, a maker, a creative, programmer, director, producer, out reach, parent, guardian, teacher that supports arts that supports children and young people you will understand why this is so important and why it makes a difference. You can help save WAC sign the on-line petition HERE.

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