Starring : The Happy Prima Donna

We have never exhibited anything of our own creation before in a public or virtual space before. In the past we've done reviews, interviews and launches. Partly because we've been very focused on blogging, figuring out how to write, edit and use social media and partly because we just didn't dare go there! Lately we been inspired by cherry blossom and other things that inspire happy. 'Starring' was born from that inspiration. 

So welcome to 'Starring'  the first in a new a blog series on Style Canteen. This is a bloggers collaboration between Style Canteen, photographer David Nyanzi and our real person modelling for the day Jamilah from The Prima Donna Writes. We launch our street shoots with a colour filled leg wear story shot in Shoreditch East London. The idea was to play with the traditional 'straight up' style of street photography and perk it up some what with lots of colour and detail. We're In Happy with the end results, we think it come together quite well. What do you think? 

Modelled by Jamilah 
Photography by David Nyanzi 
Creatives by Style Canteen

Graphic tights / Henry Holland Colour Card
Neon tights / Pamela Mann
Colour block dress / Inala
White Dress / Asos White Label
Black Coat / Julia Smith 
Bracelets / Holly Fulton + Orly Genger + Jaclyn Mayer
Belt / Katherine Alexander 
Shoes / Models own
Hat by Linmir of Purley

Special thanks to Samson Soboye for all his support, to Mawi for welcoming us into their newly opened flagship store and circus installation at 11 Calvert Avenue.. and much love to Paris based band Square Circle for rescuing a damsel in distress at the junction of Old Street and Shoreditch High Street. 

All tights available from Tights Please 

this shoot was kindly sponsored by 


Anonymous said...

Pictures look really good colours are amazing
keep up the good work.

Cree said...

Well done mumma i love it shoot went very well by the looks of it xx

Melz said...

Loving the Tights, The colours are bright and fun, gr8 for the summer... definitely makes a statement. Says "I'm fun, Happy & I stand out with Madd Style....
Feeling the photos & the model's Rocking the goods to the fullness.
I hope they're easily available coz we all need a bit of fun in our lives but when fun is combined with great style & finesse it equates to success & well being, which is refreshing.
Roll on the summer, roll on the smile inducing Style.

sam said...

Love the concept and photography. My favourite is the brights in the shot of black and whites!
Great idea to do a feature on new items in this street-style way. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Lottefreckles said...

Your blog as come of age. I love the story makes me want to go out in bright Colors & I luv tights

Lottefreckles said...

In love it. It makes me want to dress up & put on tights. The concept it fan-static.

Style Canteen said...

Thank you for all your encouragement. Went with colour because as well as S/S 2011 being all about colour popping.. Summer does that to you. Makes you feel happy and gets the creative juices going ;-)

Style Canteen said...

I'd really like to get a network of bloggers to collaborate with. Also photographers, stylists, designers, creative's. I'm open to ideas and new possibilities ! Get in touch

Di Larry said...

Lovely colours Leigh! Really nice styling and I like the, "Tra-la-la-ing around town", feel that comes across very naturally. Well done! More please! :-)

AH said...

Totally in love with the concept and with the outcome! Congratulations, keep inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

Love it- especially the yellow tights. Bright colours make me happy!The final photo is my favourite.

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

perfect styling, amazing photos.

Helen, X