Blessed Are The Change Makers

The catwalk is one of the areas in this industry that causes the most irk. We lament over the need for positive racial diversity, self love, body image, size zero and the negative impact this has young men and women. London College of Fashion LCF Loves You have put a set of baby steps in motion. LCF Loves You (I've mentioned a few time already over the past month or so) was a street casting call to Londoners to put themselves forward as models for the colleges BA Catwalk show. I'm calling this the catwalk production team change maker move! because I'm hoping they'll be able to do this again! They were looking for lads and lasses with their own sense of style, a good walk and a look that complimented the student collections to represent Londoners on the catwalk. I totally love the entire style and fashion on real people movement, Gok and all. So much so that I thought it might be fun to see if LCF Loves You included me ! No I did NOT turn up as a model hopeful ! The idea was to join the casting, get in the thick of it and see if and how they would make it work. Seems LCF Loves Me To ! Gillian okayed it for me and my camera to muck in and see how they get down ! The images in this first post are of some of the 85 beautiful ones, that for what ever reason got away. Look out for another post with the 20 amazing finalists and the BA catwalk show ! 



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Anonymous said...

Great article, great looking REAL people. Looking forward to seeing the next 20 finalists.
Jane xx