Starring // The Blackmoth 'Love Sensation'

I've been kept busy styling a couple of videos this week. It's been good, i'm inHappy, having fun whilst learning always keeps me busy and out of mischief.  When I can juggle styling, my own personal point and shoot style of photography and blogging I can also manage to take a few shaky snaps behind the scene's. These were taken last weekend at a shoot for Alexander Nilere also known as the artist 'The Blackmoth' and directed by the equally talented Director of Photography eDV's Tyson Rodz Joseph. Alex is one of those really lovely guys who throws a million ideas at you all at once and some how you just have to figure it out as you go along. Figure it out we did Jamilah Estrianna Toni and I. This time the Prima Donna Writes was behind rather than infront of the lens. 

We learnt a few new on the job tricks, like how to use ones PR skills when a dancer your mid-way dressing suddenly appears in a new outfit.. huh ? what ?! That kind of thing happen to anyone, maybe, when you lose track of the 6 people your dressing.. lol !  The Blackmoth, three dancers Margot, Emma and Tuuli, Elin 'Love Sensations' 6 foot love interest  and identical twins Carla & Georgia. But hey we live and learn and grow right! I also learnt I'm pretty good with a needle except when I'm sewing a person into a pair of jeans!? It's all good, we had a wonderfilled day! Looking forward to seeing the final edit.

Fiona Gall the creative genius behind Emerald Faerie hand assembled the beautiful light fitting on location, and she's also the designer of the stunning gold shoulder epaulet. The twins are wearing pieces designed by London College of Fashion talent Nano Aoshima. If your interested and want to see a few more pictures look me up Style Canteen Facebook page

The Blackmoth

Margo Dujet     


Terry De Havilands

Tyson & Gary (up the ladder)

Fiona Gall the Emerald Faerie
Fiona taking a well earned break after painstakingly 
assembling the stunning gold light fitting !

Elin Aberg
Emma Walker

Twins Carla & Georgia  

 Jamie and Paul the bear .. rabbit ? who can tell !

Jamilah ' The Prima Donna Writes' Estrianna Toni (and she sews to!)

The Props (starring a sad and extremely, very sickly lobster ) 


"Love Sensation" The Blackmoth
Director : Tyson Rodz Joseph 
Production and Editing : eDv Ltd 
Dancers: Margot Dujet, Emma Walker and Tuuli 
Love interest: Elin Aberg 
Styling: Leigh Odimah and Jamilah Estrianna-Toni
Photos: by Me 

Thanks to : Mensah Vintage Clothing 
291 Portobello Road, Ladbroke Grove 
London W10 5TD

 Emerald Faerie for her beautiful lighting and epaulet

All images are the property of Leigh Odimah
© Style Canteen 


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