Nova Chui Shangri La-Di-Da

Shangri La-Di-Da that sounds like fun, something to celebrate even, right! It's the name of the collection what won Nova Chiu the London College of Fashion #LCF2011 (twitter hash tag) BA Undergraduate Collection of the Year Award. Right at the end of the show when Samata Angel presented that winning award I was relieved I'd have given up my seat ! To sit at times, crossed legged on the ground of the photographers pit in rising cement dust!! I had great vantage point, and caught the moments when a really, really petite Nova come walking all the way down the runway holding holds with her 6ft models..It was the moment when I understood what forecasters like Li Edelkoort have been telling us about. The influence that Chinese fashion is about to have on Western style.

Is 'Nova' her real name? because a loose definition of 'Nova' goes something like a cataclysmic explosion on the surface of a star. Cataclysmic thankfully not, explosion on the other hand, most definitely. I sat like a magpie about to swoop in a park full of shiny, sparkly things as Shangri La-Di-Da paraded very loudly down the cement runway. From head to toe her models were styled in silhouettes inspired by the old school, ethnic Chinese dress. Chinese architecture like traditional temples clashed with hand stitched bells, machine embroidered faux fur in red, blue, cream and yellow, traditional Chinese Ink and Wash painting on cotton, floral and abstract digital prints on nylon, jade and wooden beads, sequins, metallic fringing, bells, maybe even whistles I'm not sure. It was one of those collections even if you tried you could not miss it. I challenge anyone who watched to say I dont remember that one! Me thinks @daniellismore would love this! 

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