Visionaries // Starring Nick Knight & Alex Fury

I'm hugely influenced by SHOWstudio, its not a secret and I know I'm not alone in my opinion. The work that comes out of the SHOWstudio camp is influential. It's where current trends in communicating fashion, in all its creative and innovative glory began and continues. SHOWstudio have the pick of the image making collaboations in campaigns with designers, models, artists and creatives internationally. Their list of credits makes me a pea green shade of envy, for them and only them would I consider being London's oldest fashion intern!  How they did it, why they do it, how they got here? These are the questions many people watching SHOWstudio want to know, right? Thanks to a random email bringing me up to speed on the Vice Style and BlackBerry Visionaries, a project I didnt know I never knew about. We have the SHOWstudio short, the third and final installment in the Visionaries series project .. To tell you a bit about the project 
..." Visionaries has offered an understanding of how people in a seemingly ephemeral industry came to have unprecedented power to transform the face of fashion whilst leaving a remarkable impact on culture. The groundbreaking fashion players featured in the films reveal to what extent fashion, art, music and film inform and complement each other: elements which are the essential ingredients in the creative process, and fashion in turn inspires art, film and music. Celebrating the people who are instrumental in bringing the worlds of fashion and art together, Visionaries also shines a light on the individuals behind the scenes, at the frontier, making fashion happen"
The video is a personal interview with Nick, he nominates his future fashion visionary Alexander Fury, Fashion Director of SHOWstudio and talks about working with Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen.. enjoy x 

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