Visions of Visionaries + Erykah Badu

Liking this leaning towards individuals with 'unusually keen foresight', super men and super ladies like @fatbellybella, Erykah Badu. Keep up with her on Twitter, she posts all sorts of  things on there, including pictures of her delivering a baby, the images below and a link to this video interview with Berlin based venue and art collective MADE for their VoV, Visions of Visionaries series. Her humble approach is endearing, always she speaks from the heart so its interesting to hear what Ms Badu is thinking. The sociologist, the effortless artist sharing thoughts on why creativity is the absence of fear and not being afraid to be right or wrong. 

Listen out for her talking about keeping her creative juices flowing, there's no release date but looks like we may see more Badu art on sneakers, and she hints about jewellery leather cuffs.. work designed from metals and wood! Lastly, for the loved up, watch this to the end where she's asked what makes her smile?.. a huge grin lights up her face when she replys  "when he calls".. awwwww... lucky she!

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