Happy Sad Songs // 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston

Yesterday lunchtime sitting in a cafe eating cake, waiting for drumming class to finish. My favourite Whitney Houston track 'I Will Always Love You' came on a radio propped on the counter behind me. My youngest, my little son looked at me curiously and said mum your not going to cry again! are you? (i'm a weepy mum, cry at anything emotional)  I nodded as he wiped my tears with the sleeve of his jumper, bless him. He asked me why I was crying? I told him because its my favourite beautiful, beautiful song that your big sister used to hum along to when she was a tiny baby. I explained that I wasn't sad, this song reminds me of a happy moment in my life, its a happy sad song I told him. I've heard it described as a power ballad, to me it was incredibly powerful, sung with powerful emotion, a beautiful rendition of Dolly Parton's song. It touched people's hearts as did many of her songs. Whitney Houston was blessed with tremendous talent, it's tragic that her and her beautiful voice are no loger with us. I had hoped that one day she would pull it all back together again, and be that star again but that cant happen here. Even though life can be frantic and chaotic and difficult to navigate its truly precious, people are precious. Whitney Houston clearly blessed with an amazing talent is gone at 48 years young that is incredibly sad.

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