What The Times Cover Girl Did Next ...

Chantal  in full carnival regalia

Just a few weeks  after the infamous summer riots of 2011, the Caribbean community put on a united front when they refused to give in to the naysayers and those who doubted the spirit of Europe’s penultimate celebration of life, the Nottinghill Carnival. Many thought that Londoners would not support the revelry and would instead shy away from the annual celebration of a culture, which permeates the very fiber of London’s larger than life melting pot of diversity. They were wrong. Last years carnival garnered more support than ever before. Last minute sign ups to participate and truly ‘represent’ were unparalleled, press coverage was truly phenomenal and this time around for all the RIGHT reasons. The biggest buzz was by far the fact that  the Nottinghill Carnival claimed the cover of The Times Newspaper, this was BIG news and the featured photo went viral on all social networking sites within minutes of its publication. 

So, who was THAT girl? who is ‘The Times Cover Girl' and what's her story. It's our very own Chantal Miller Style Canteens former Beauty Editor, the voice behind posts like i just want your extra time and your kiss and am i beautiful ?. The cover in question is that of Tuesday, August 30th 2011 the day after Carnival. The Times truly couldn't have picked a more appropriate and deserving cover girl. What is truly ironic is that Chantal has NEVER been to Trinidad’s Carnival. After being featured on the cover Chantal was approached by numerous media houses wanting to tell her story but Chantal had a dream to follow she decided to leave her job and her own story. Chantal loves Carnival and the Caribbean she is passionate about her culture. So in less than a week the Times cover girl  will be heading off to Trindad to film the first in the 6 part series documenting the story about the home of Carnival in the Caribbean, TRINIDAD.

The question is do you know anyone, a company interested in helping to fund an absolutely fabulous film project? Then ChantiMedia needs you! The documentary will showcase not just the glorious fetes (parties), the super cool creative community, the Carnival day parade with it’s breathtaking costumes and stunningly gorgeous participants but also to focus on the lesser-exposed elements and creativity of the greatest party on earth and the beautiful Island, which plays host to it every year. Chantal will go behind the scenes and speak to those who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of Trinidadian culture. She will go off the beaten track and seek out the best of Trinidad’s cuisine, music, fashion and art, which may not always receive the mainstream media attention which they truly deserve. Her experience will be well rounded, her perspective, unbiased and unique. Join Chantal on her journey as she experiences her very first carnival in Trinidad.

So far has been funded entirely by Chantal with a little help her friends. However, she  does  need to raise much more cash (and quickly!). How you can help? firstly you can help spread the word about What The Times Cover Girl Did Next ! Secondly you can DONATE and become a part of the process. Chantal needs to raide £3000.00 by Friday 10th February (yes , really!)

To pay the film crew  (2 weeks filming)
To purchase licences to shoot on various locations across Trinidad & Tobago
To purchase  copyright licences to shoot at various carnival activities
To pay for the host to participate in activities as listed in the treatment
Catering (we have to feed the crew)
Transportation around Trinidad

For donations of £20.00 – Complimentary ticket to the first official screening
For donations of £50.00 – Complimentary ticket to the first official screenings of all 6 instalments
For donations of £150.00 – Complimentary tickets ( 2) to the first official screenings of all 6 instalments plus DVD copies of the entire series
For donations of £500.00 – Executive Producer Credit , product placement
For donations of £1500.00 – Executive Producer Credit , product mention and placement  and a professionally produced voice-over for your brand
Entire sponsorship – If you or your business would like to fund the entire filming of the first installment then please do contact us.

NO donation is too small and yes, Chantal will accept amounts which do not fall within the above ranges.

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